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HP India Sales (Gurgaon) Team Visit at Aravalli Bio Diversity Park, Gurgaon

10th Aug 2018' Gurgaon. Our employees are enthusiastic and passionate to give back to their environment. While Haryana government is trying to save its existing trees, Our Team, HPIS Gurgaon, decided to increase our green cover to make sure the city is green and clean for the coming generations. 80 Volunteers, including Leadership Team,visited Aravalli Bio Diversity Park- Gurgaon. It included a nice walk through the park or a tractor ride, whatever employees preferred to reach the plantation site.

HP India Sales sponsored 1000 saplings and Volunteers have planted over 400 saplings, remaining saplings were planted by our partner NGO- I am Gurgaon. Saplings planted by volunteers includes- DHAK, PAHADI PAPADI, GUNDI, RONJH, AMALTASH, BABOOL, ROHEDA etc. - these are native varieties that can survive in the local harsh climatic conditions.

It’s always important to remember that we all share one planet. It’s everyone’s duty to give back, to ensure that our future generations can share in the blessings of life.We sincerely thank each and every individual who took the time to join in this event.

Here’s to a greener world.