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12th Apr 2019. As we see day by day traffic conditions in Bangalore are getting worsened, the same time life of traffic control police are getting stressed. Just like another human, traffic police also have family, children and it is imperative that every policeman maintains his health to serve society and at the same time takes care of their families. In the course, it is a small step from HP to help traffic control policemen to protect themselves from pollution ridden roads and junctions. As part of CSR, Suryawaves CSR team distributed pollution masks to 90+ cops who are dedicated to giving smooth traffic flow in Electronics city. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Vaidyanathan, VP, HP IT, and Traffic Inspector Mr. Ramachandra B Choudari. Nearly 50 elite traffic policemen along with HP employees were part of the event. Suresh started off with opening speech where he did thank all the policemen for their wonderful contribution in keeping Electronics city traffic in systematic condition, followed by thank you note from Mr. Choudari. Mr. Choudari mentioned that traffic controllers are always looked at as trouble makers, but it is very overwhelming for him to see that HP has stepped forward with such a noble cause. We thank the Electronics City police department for the opportunity in this key initiative

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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