CLAP: Continued Learning Access Program

The Continued Learning Access Program results from HP India’s commitment to bridging the digital divide between communities. It caters to the grassroots where children and the youth have got cut off from schools and skill training because of Covid.

HP CLAP targets students from India’s economically weaker sections and low-income strata with no digital device to support their school lessons. The CLAP initiative will provide computers to these communities and schools attended by these students on a rotation basis following social distancing norms.

HP CLAP vehicles are equipped with 120 computer devices, an onboard laptop charging, with QR Code and biometric scanning devices. Students record their attendance through the biometric scan, and the vehicle coordinator assigns them specific laptops.

The students go home and do self-study. Each day, one vehicle covers two locations, benefiting 240 students.

Digital literacy training.
Youth IT skilling,social enterprises and jobs.
240 grassroot students trained everyday.
HP CLAP vehicles equipped with computers,laptops and printers reach remote locations to impart education to every child.
Equipped with 120 computer devices, onboard laptop charging station, QR Code, and biometric scanning.