CLAP: Continued Learning Access Program

HP CLAP is an example of HP’s continued effort to build sustainable and collaborative CSR models of Corporate-Corporate-NGO partnerships. It started as a continued learning opportunity for students who were adversely affected by the pervasive lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The model continues to be an amazing solution for Govt schools in locations that do not have the infrastructure to build their own computer labs and yet have a high density of students who benefit from the mobile digital labs, 120 computational devices, servers, networking equipment, WiFi devices, on-the-go laptop charging karts, UPS, Generators, and preloaded adaptive course content for classes 7-10. Each student at a particular location has a laptop for 3.5 hours daily to study preloaded content. The laptops are returned, and the vehicle moves to the second location, where the same process follows.

Digital literacy training.
Youth IT skilling,social enterprises and jobs.
240 grassroot students trained everyday.
HP CLAP vehicles equipped with computers,laptops and printers reach remote locations to impart education to every child.
Equipped with 120 computer devices, onboard laptop charging station, QR Code, and biometric scanning.